A Simple Introduction To Pick 3 Lotto

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Did you know that you can play pick 3 lotto 2 times each day, daily with Midday and Evening drawings in most states? It is an everyday lotto game where you choose any 3-digit number from 000 to 999. You can play pick 3 lottery games straight, boxed, or in a range of other bets indicated on the Bet Chart. If you run out of numbers to work with, you are given the opportunity to request for a Quick 3, where a lotto computer will randomly pick 3 numbers for you. You can actually go for a Quick Pick as much as you want, with every bet at only 50 cents. You can play the same numbers for a maximum of 7 draws.

The Advantages

Because of the smaller sums of money needed to play compared to other lottos, pick 3 is ideal for starters. A big number of probable types bets makes it possible to develop interesting techniques as well. With each type the payout is varied – this is strongly linked to the probability of winning. Payouts can reach 500 times the cost of the lottery ticket. Purchasing a 50 cent ticket can result in $250 and $1 ticket can turn into $500. There are 2 drawings each day. That indicates a minimum of 12 opportunities to win. It’s difficult to find a better chance to enhance your lotto plan. Regular feedback hastens the learning process.

How To Play

Choose 3 numbers in the initial light pink column of your play card.

Pick 1 number out of every column in this row from 0 to 9. Choose your 3 numbers and color the box entirely with a pencil. Select quick pick to enable the computer to choose the numbers for you.

Then, select the kind of game you want. Matching in exact order on a dollar play indicates you’ve gotten $500 prize. An any order choice only enables you to possibly obtain $160 on a dollar ticket. A combination type requires an extra fee, and assures that no matter the outcome of the number set you win both the amount of an exact winning and an any order winning.

Exact/any order tickets also requires an extra fee, but if you place a range of numbers and the exact numbers or a set is drawn, you win twice the amount – if only an any order is picked, you still get what you would on an any order ticket.
Select the quantity of drawings you want to work with. The Sum It Up option enables you to win if the picked numbers don’t correlate with your numbers but when added together the picked numbers and your numbers result in the same amount. Present your ticket to the lotto dealer and receive the electronic printout of your picks.


While a Quick Pick in pick 3 lottery games might be fast and easy, some advise against using it since increasing your odds actually takes more work. Pick 3 isn’t just a game of chance, but specifically a game of raising or lowering your chances of winning.

To raise your chances of winning, you can use a mathematical solution or a wheeling system. It’s all about breaking limitations, which is also why experts advise beginners to avoid constantly choosing numbers based on birthdays (with only 31 days in a month at most) or those with “special meanings.”

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